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Silver Tears Campers Clothing

Official gear used and approved by our crew Long sleeve T-shirt, fishing shirt and hats available now Click: RipleyStuff to go to our official provider to look at and purchase the gear!
Shower Kit

ZODI™ Hot Tap HP

Enjoy 100ºF hot showers in just seconds with Zodi's High Performance self-contained Hot Tap HP portable water heater. A complete system with battery operated pump that delivers great water pressure. Rugged storage case doubles as a 4 gallon water container. Extra performance for all season use. Ideal for camping, hunting, RVs, cabins, boats, home emergencies and more.
Shower Pole

ZODI™ Shower Pole for Hot Tap Shower

Sets up in seconds and holds your Hot Tap showerhead for convenient hands-free showering. Height is adjustable which is ideal for hand washing & rinsing dishes, etc. Includes nylon storage bag. Will fit inside optional Zodi hard case and gear bags. Shower hose and head shown in photo sold separately.
MG Bags

Moore & GilesSee more bags at the Moore & Giles website

Designed in partnership with celebrated mixologist Jim Meehan, this stylish yet functional bar roll-up features a myriad of organizational compartments and elasticized pockets for the professional bartender or bar aficionado to transport tools essential to the craft. Chefs and culinary enthusiasts can also use it as a roll-up for transporting knives and other tools vital to the trade.
Fantastic Vent

Fan-Tastic Vent

Fan-Tastic Vent is light weight, compact, bug resistant, durable and seals tight when not in use. The sealed motor operates at variable or 3-speeds depending on the model for selected performance levels. Installs in minutes and fits the standard existing opening provided by most recreational vehicle manufacturers.

Camco Olympian 5500 Stainless Steel Grill

The Olympian 5500 Grill hooks directly to a mounting rail on the side of your RV. It has push button ignition for easy starting. It is made from light stainless steel and weighs around 30 pounds. This grill helps prevent flare-ups that you don't want around your vehicile. For easy clean-up it has a removable grease tray.

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